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The course will teach you lots of performance-related concepts. In a developer-friendly way.

  • Measuring performance with different tools

  • APM

  • Async workflows

  • Concurrent programming

  • Debugging performance issues

  • N+1 queries

  • Slow queries

  • Database indices

  • Reducing memory consumption

  • Export and import-specific problems

  • Optimizing queue jobs and async workflows

  • Working with files and images

  • MySQL config

  • Load testing

  • opcache

  • Laravel LazyCollections and PHP Generators

  • Laravel cursors

  • nginx

  • fpm


👋 Hi! I'm Martin Joo, author of:

  • DevOps with Laravel

  • Domain-Driven Design with Laravel

  • Microservices with Laravel

  • Laravel Concepts

  • Test-Driven APIs with Laravel and Pest

  • Laravel Eloquent Recipes

  • Proper API Design with Laravel

  • Common Mistakes in Laravel


I also have a blog, and I'm tweeting about Laravel and PHP.

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